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A successful marine air conditioning installation relies on solid foundations and specialist technical expertise. Our team at Cool Marine understands the crucial importance of a professional installation to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of your air conditioning system on board your boat or yacht. In this section, we explore the essential steps in the installation process, as well as the benefits of a professional installation carried out by our experts.


Needs assessment

Our team will carry out a detailed assessment of your marine air conditioning needs, taking into account the size of your boat, your sailing habits and environmental conditions.


Professional installation

Once the requirements have been assessed and the system selected, our qualified technicians proceed with the professional installation of the marine air conditioning system. Each component is installed with precision and in compliance with marine safety standards, ensuring safe and reliable operation.


Commissioning and testing

After installation, our team will carry out a full commissioning of the air conditioning system to ensure that it is working properly.

Expertise in marine air conditioning installation

Installing a marine air conditioning system requires specialist technical expertise and an in-depth knowledge of unique marine requirements. At Cool Marine, our team of experts is distinguished by the following characteristics:

Our technicians are specially trained to work in marine environments and are familiar with the technical challenges associated with installing air conditioning systems on board boats and yachts. They undergo regular training to keep abreast of the latest technology and industry best practice.

With many years’ experience in marine air conditioning, our technicians have acquired practical expertise in installing various types of systems, from standard models to bespoke solutions. Their experience enables them to effectively solve technical challenges and tailor installations to the specific needs of each customer.

Our team is committed to providing top-quality installations, guaranteeing reliable, long-lasting operation of marine air conditioning systems. They are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and ensuring total customer satisfaction at every stage of the installation process.

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Anthony Soutard
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Simple, fast, efficient, good price. Thank you very much.
André Sardain
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Competent company that leaves nothing to chance. Real air conditioning specialists.
JM Tondino
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Great professionals for my yacht.
Richard Collings
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Excellent, competent and professional customer service.
Paulo Avaleira
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Excellent service, thanks guys!
Susan Bonin
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The very best!
Fernando Nunes
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Fast service.
Philippe Guillemin
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Helpful and competent!

Quality at the heart of our work

Quality, technical expertise and support

Our commitment to quality, unrivalled technical expertise and comprehensive support ensure reliable, high-performance marine air conditioning solutions and peace of mind for our customers.

Expert installation

Cool Marine’s technical expertise is based on years of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of marine air conditioning systems.

Our team provides reliable, high-performance customised solutions for every type of boat or yacht.

Guaranteed reliability

Cool Marine’s marine air conditioning systems are renowned for their reliability and exceptional performance. Each system is carefully designed and tested to ensure optimum performance, even in the most demanding marine conditions.

Rely on Cool Marine for marine air conditioning with unrivalled reliability and performance.

After-sales service

At Cool Marine, our after-sales service guarantees the continued smooth operation of your marine air conditioning system.

Our team is on hand to carry out any necessary adjustments, repairs or maintenance, ensuring the comfort and performance of your system at sea.

A complete range of services

Find out about our other services

We offer a range of services designed to meet your needs for comfort and maintenance on board your boat.

Air conditioning service and maintenance

Our servicing and maintenance service ensures the longevity and optimum performance of your marine air conditioning system, so you can travel at sea with complete peace of mind.

Air conditioning repair

Our responsive, skilled team will carry out fast, effective repairs to restore your marine air conditioning system to full working order, so you can get back to sea with confidence.