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Boat air conditioning repairs

A quick and efficient response

An optimum repair service

At Cool Marine, our marine air conditioning repair service guarantees reliable, long-lasting solutions for all your repair needs. Our highly trained and experienced team are equipped to accurately diagnose problems, use the latest technology to carry out repairs and ensure your air conditioning system is running at optimum performance.

We are committed to providing a fast, efficient and quality service to give you the peace of mind you deserve at sea.


Diagnosing the problem

Our advanced diagnostic process enables us to identify air conditioning problems quickly and accurately, ensuring targeted and effective intervention for optimum repair solutions.


Air conditioning repairs

Our repair experts use advanced techniques and quality spare parts to restore your air conditioning system to its optimum condition, ensuring reliable, long-lasting performance at sea.


Putting the boat back into service

After the air conditioning repair, our team will carry out thorough checks to ensure that your system is working perfectly, allowing you to get back out to sea with confidence and comfort.

Our expertise in marine air conditioning repairs

At Cool Marine, our expertise in marine air conditioning repair is the result of many years of experience and dedication to providing superior repair solutions. Our highly trained team of specialist technicians skilfully combine in-depth knowledge with practical know-how to accurately diagnose problems, find innovative solutions and carry out lasting repairs.

We are committed to staying at the forefront of technology by using advanced diagnostic tools and techniques, together with the highest quality spare parts, to ensure the optimum performance of your marine air conditioning system. Our meticulous approach, combined with attention to detail, enables us to effectively restore air conditioning systems to full capacity, giving our customers the peace of mind they need to fully enjoy their experience at sea.

When you call on our expertise, you benefit not only from exceptional repairs, but also from our team’s total commitment to quality service, unrivalled reliability and unrivalled expertise in marine air conditioning repair.

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Anthony Soutard
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Simple, fast, efficient, good price. Thank you very much.
André Sardain
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Competent company that leaves nothing to chance. Real air conditioning specialists.
JM Tondino
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Great professionals for my yacht.
Richard Collings
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Excellent, competent and professional customer service.
Paulo Avaleira
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Excellent service, thanks guys!
Susan Bonin
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The very best!
Fernando Nunes
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Fast service.
Philippe Guillemin
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Helpful and competent!

Smooth repairs

A fast, reliable repair service

Our qualified team is committed to providing fast, reliable repairs for all types of marine air conditioning, ensuring that your equipment runs at optimum efficiency.

Repairs of all makes

Our expertise extends to all makes of marine air conditioning, enabling us to offer high quality all-makes repairs.

Regardless of the manufacturer of your system, our qualified team is able to diagnose and resolve problems efficiently, ensuring that your equipment runs smoothly.

Fast service

Our fast and efficient repair service is based on our certified expertise and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Thanks to our responsiveness and meticulous approach, we can diagnose, repair and get your marine air conditioning back into service quickly.

Certified expertise guaranteed

Our certified expertise guarantees repairs of all makes with a fast, efficient service.

We are committed to delivering guaranteed quality with every job, ensuring customer satisfaction. Rely on our know-how for reliable, long-lasting marine air conditioning solutions.

A complete range of services

Find out about our other services

We offer a range of services designed to meet your needs for comfort and maintenance on board your boat.

Air conditioning installation

Our experienced team will install your marine air conditioning system professionally and accurately, guaranteeing optimum performance from day one.

Air conditioning service and maintenance

Our servicing and maintenance service ensures the longevity and optimum performance of your marine air conditioning system, so you can travel at sea with complete peace of mind.